MedChem Imaging LLC (MCI) is a contract research organization that supplies radiotracers to the pharmaceutical industry.

When used with PET or SPECT, MCI radiotracers provide information about target abundance, target engagement, as well as the amount and time course of tumor uptake or brain penetration.

MCI assists in the development of novel drug-like radiotracers. When a radiolabeled drug is unavailable, MCI provides clients with proprietary compound libraries amenable to radiolabeling for molecular imaging studies, based on a client’s therapeutic drug scaffold.

MCI routinely synthesizes novel radiolabeling precursors, reference standards, and can assess radiolabeling procedures.  In vitro binding assays, autoradiography, as well as preclinical and clinical imaging studies are planned and managed for our clients.

MCI also synthesizes novel 3H-labeled compounds.